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Many of these points are helpful. However, in my years as a professor (now full & approaching retirement), I have known quite a few necessary projects/tasks/assignments that do not bring joy but that must be done. For those, I use the time focused approach to advancing projects (and class preps): I make a list of what needs to be done. I then recast this list into small (15 minutes or less), medium (around 30 minutes) & large (1 hr or more) steps based on the time required to accomplish each step. So, on really stretched days (and yes, they are a reality and they don't always spark joy), I can do 1-2 small steps for each project and still make progress. This has worked for me over the years for many different tasks (teaching, research, & service). This then helps to carve out time for those that DO bring joy. S.A. Welch

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